Fuse Board Upgrades

by Ormskirk Electrical


Fuse Board Upgrades;

Having made the decision to replace your old fuse board upgrade it is important to ensure that this important job is completed by a competent electrician. We at Ormskirk Electrical are fully qualified to do a fuse board upgrade, as we are NICEIC Electrical certified.

Think of your fuse board as the main hub of your home – its the ‘thinking centre’ to all electrical aspects in your home. If the job is carried out incorrectly, your home will be in a dangerous condition and your family is then at risk from electrical harm.

When we have finished upgrading your old tired fuse box for a nice shiny new consumer unit, we will have tested all the circuits and inspected the installation, and on completion, you will get the following documents plus notification.

  • NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Schedule of Inspections
  • Schedule of test results
  • Receipt / Invoice
  • Building Control Notification

You must be aware of any contractor who does not issue this paperwork. We sign these documents, we are responsible for the design, construction, inspection and testing of the installation. Once your new consumer unit has been fitted, generally we would recommend a further inspection (EICR) in around 5 years depending on the condition of the installation when the upgrade is carried out.

As well as getting this paperwork, you also an Insurance backed warranty provided by the NICEIC, which unless you are registered with the NICEIC, you do not get.